‘The Sun is made of helium and hence has healing powers’-sounds weird yet creative. Looking beyond what is taught, thinking differently are unfound treasures lying latent in us. The sun does have healing powers which is why the ‘surya namaskar’ has gained immense popularity in recent times. There is more than one reason why sun should be seen as our master. It is the building block for life’s sustenance so far since the big bang occurred. All creatures of nat...

'T' does the magic again for  the Duo (Ilaya thalapathi's blockbusters includes Tirumalai, Tamizhan, Thupaakki, while Thandavam belonged to the 'Ilam Iyakkunar').

Kollywood has risen to glory since the mid of last decade with its stupendous scripts and stunning screenplay and Thalaivaa is yet another reiteration of this fact.

Thalaivaa stands to its title and is no different from the 'man of the masses' genre of movies which every star has played atleast once in their ...

A small truth to make our Life 100%
If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q
... Is equal to;
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23 24 25 26
H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K ;
K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E ;

If there is a sector which has seen the baby boomer effect most after e-commerce, it is the recruitment space. With likes of Monster and Naukri used for hiring niche and highly skilled workers, the sector has lately witnessed startups plunging into the unorganized job sector as well. Kat Ganeshan, the founder of 411staff, says he has similar offerings with a bit of spice and variety.

Kat who grew up in Chennai, moved to East Coast post his engineering. He had a variety of corporate stin...

Avadi - Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India

• Adyar - Banks of Adaiyaaru
• Ambattur - Aimbathi ondram oor (51st Region) in the list of 108 Shakti ...temples
• Amjikarai aka Amaindhakarai - Bank of Cooum
• Anna Nagar - After Annadurai and was developed during his reign by TNHB.
• Ashok Nagar - After the famous Ashoka Pillar
• Ayanavaram ...

நம் வீட்டில் எப்போது பிரியாணி செய்தாலும் நமது இஸ்லாமிய நண்பர்கள் வீட்டில் செய்வது போல் இருப்பது இல்லை என்ற குறை இருந்து வந்தது, அதனால் என் இஸ்லாமிய தோழியிடம் அவர்களின் பிரியாணி செய்முறையை கேட்டு செய்து பார்த்தேன் மிகவும் சுவையாக இருந்தது. அந்த பிரியாணிசெய்முறை உங்களுக்காகவும்

தேவையான பொருட்கள்;-
அரிசி - 1 கிலோ

This hair treatment will stop your hair fall and make them silky shiny and strong. Using this hair treatment every after seven or 14 days will not only help in hair restoration of falling hair but it will also increase hair growth.

Take sufficient amount of Desi Ghee according to your Hair volume and length.Cut 4 to 8 almonds in to small pieces. (4 for short hair and 8 for long hair) Put the almond pieces in the Desi Ghee in a Container and heat it on stove till Desi Ghee melts and almo...

Hotels or Homes? Which is a better fit for you?

Both hotels and holidays rental have their positives when it comes to picking your next vacation accommodations.

With hotels,
1. The convenience of room service,
2. Daily maid to keep the room clean,
3.You also have a fitness center, pool, restaurants and even a spa all within the same facility!
This makes taking full advantage of your vacation a very simple and relaxing process! Hotels make for great getaway locat...

Ranjhaana – lean guy makes a clean sweep

It was Aadukalam (tamil super hit) which brought Dhanush to the hall of fame with a national award, and his maiden bollywood stint proves his mettle. From a bucket boy to a classy leader Kundan takes the viewer’s aghast by surprise. The secret lies in his natural acting sans unwanted histrionics. He has all the elements to reach stardom and makes his global imprints too. What is unique about Dhanush is his choice of movies, especially the script....

Top 10 Best High Schools in the USA

1. School for the Talented and Gifted, Dallas, Texas
2. BASIS Tucson, Tucson, Arizona
3. Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Lawrenceville, Georgia
4. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Virginia
5. BASIS Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona
6. Pine View School, Osprey, Florida
7. Loveless Academic Magnet Program, Montgomery, Alabama
8. Biotechnology High School, Freehold, New Jerse...

Highway 93
Jasper National Park, Alberta - Nogales, Sonora Desert (Arizona)

Route 1, Pacific Coast Highway
San Juan Capistrano, California - El Rio, California

(Sandhills Journey) Highway 2
Grand Island, Nebraska - Alliance, Nebraska

Highway 362 East
Quebec City, Quebec - Charlevoix, Quebec

Vermont Route 100
Stamford, Vermont - Newport, Vermont

Yellowhead Highway 16
Winnipeg, Manitoba - Mount Robson, Brit...

1. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Best childrens's hospital in targetting cancer treatments, it developed new therapy for patients with relapsed cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It offers the world's first proton-beam therapy exclusively to treat childhood cancers. It also concentrates on caring on the emotional needs of cancer patients and their families

2. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis
St. Jude maintains high survival rates and provides state...

There’s a tendency to get caught up in the tasks of our day, the urgency of what’s coming up, the distractions of being online.

And we forget to smile.

In the rush of the day, the stress of wanting things to happen a certain way, we lose the enjoyment of each moment.

In every moment, there’s the capacity for happiness. It’s not that we need to be ecstatic, full of pleasure, excited or even joyous each and every second of the day. Who needs that kind of pressure? And it’s not...