New Updates and Key Benefits of Online Attendance Management System –

Gone are the days that have attendance registers or manual punch-in machines to note the presence of an employee. When days pass, the older generation Online Attendance System has evolved to tackle these manual issues. However, these online attendance portals use bio-metric machine needs employees’ thump impression for noting the daily login/out time or a card reader (most popular) where employees swipe their id cards to mark attendance.

But all these Online Attendance Systems can’t be used as Real Time Attendance Software when an employee is working offsite. So, why it’s not possible to track the employee working time when working from home or off-site. To tackle this issue, came up with Real Time Attendance Software that tracks your employees working hours efficiently from anywhere.

Advanced Technologies – Logsafe International Real Time Attendance Software

Today, attendance tracking has taken a new leap with geo-fencing mechanisms and a touch-free Face recognization Online Attendance System that allow employees to mark attendance on the go. The attendance information is easily obtained and securely processed in the cloud and incorporated directly with the payroll system.

Nowadays, Organizations understand the value of using sophisticated Real Time Attendance Software to automate mundane HR chores. For greater productivity and precision, businesses are adopting technology to streamline human resource functions.

Key Benefits of Online Attendance Management System:

Seamless integration:

In addition to the seamless payroll integration, Attendance Management Software is connected to Leave Management Systems, where workers can request leaves from their supervisors with pre/post approvals.

Cost-effective and error-free:

Online Attendance System is a cost-effective choice as it prevents them from spending a dedicated resource for this vital mission.

Highly Flexible:

Employees can regularise their attendance at the end of the month if, for specific reasons, they have missed marking their presence for a day. Approvals can be obtained electronically via a smart workflow redirected to the respective manager for regularisation or reversal of loss of pay or overtime. Managers may also be permitted to indicate attendance in an emergency on behalf of their team members.

Other Key Benefits Top On List:

Accurately track clock-in and out.

Flexible employee scheduling.

Absence Management.

Payroll Integration.

Compliance and regulatory norms.

Mobile and cloud support.

Employee Self-service.

Elimination of missed punches.

Reports and insights.

Attendance via easiest QR Scanning.

Realtime Tracking.

Shifts & Week-offs tracking.

HR and Employee-friendly.

User interactive Employee Attendance Management System.

Ensures accuracy & consistency in attendance management.

Eliminate time-theft risks and manual error.

About Log Safe international – Attendance Management system provides real-time integration with all attendance devices like biometrics, Smart card, and facial recognition devices.

It’s a great attendance management software that will give you 100% visibility of employee working hours, eliminate missed punches, and streamline attendance tracking. Features included in an HRMS Attendance play a huge role in simplifying time and attendance tracking.


Employee Attendance Management System works by Maintaining a quick and accurate record of attendance under different categories – Day wise, Hour wise, Shift wise, etc.,

Conclusion –

Extensive functionality, Improved Productivity, Real-Time Face recognization Attendance Software, Monitoring Employee Productivity, Managing Remote Employees, and Accurate Reports has been the most updated features in today’s Attendance Management System Software.

LogsafeInternational Real-Time Attendance Management Software Simplifies HR processes and Champion your workforce with the exclusive Lite, Plus & Premium packs. Install now Call for further support.

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