8 Fall Yard Maintenance Tips

Fall Yard Maintenance

Compared to the rest of the country, Kelowna has mild winters. But while the Okanagan may not face the seasonal challenges of wild storms and frigid conditions like other parts of Canada, residents still need to prep their yards for the months to come. Autumn is an important time and the work done then can influence the health of the soil and plants in the seasons ahead.

Do you want your yard to look its best? If so, check out these top eight tips about fall yard maintenance.

1. Mulch Leaves

If you’re perplexed by what to do with all the fall leaves lying around, why not put them to work? Mulch your leaves and spread them in your garden beds. They provide all kinds of nutrients for the soil.

2. Water Well

Did your yard have a dry summer? Then the first item on your fall yard maintenance schedule should be to give your soil a good watering so that it is well-hydrated for the winter.

3. Fertilize

Once you’ve got the leaf debris removed and your yard has had a solid watering, you can fertilize it. The water will help the fertilizer dissolve and set the stage for good growth in the spring.

4. Prune Trees and Plants

Pruning trees and plants before winter can result in more flowers in the spring. But one of the top landscaping mistakes is to ignore the seasons, so be aware of which trees should be cut in the spring rather than the fall.

5. Mow Shorter

Once temperatures start to cool down, it’s time to adjust the setting on your lawnmower. Cutting the grass shorter will help keep old grass from suffocating new grass shoots, and it could help prevent mold and other issues.

6. Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration is a beneficial process of putting small holes in the soil so that it reduces compaction and improves drainage. It also creates breathing room so that the soil can absorb nutrients and water more efficiently.

7. Clean Your Eavestroughs

When thinking of autumn leaves, many people forget that they collect not just on the ground but in eavestroughs, too. Clean your gutters and eavestroughs so that they don’t cause blockages that could result in leaks and other issues for your roof.

8. Fall Yard Maintenance Weeding

Autumn is the perfect time to get rid of weeds. Rid your fall yard of these pesky plants so that you can focus on the care of the ones you do want!

Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

Now that you have a fall yard maintenance checklist, you can be proactive and get your yard ready for the winter. By doing this prep work, your yard will be better prepared to weather the harsh conditions of the season. And if the task seems overwhelming, you can always get professional assistance.

Do you want help with your autumn yard maintenance? Lakeshore Landscaping has over 20 years of experience in the industry, so contact us here for all of your landscaping needs.

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