Canada Extends Travel Restrictions?

Canada’s border will remain unopened till January 21 to all foreign nationals willing to travel for non-essential purposes such as recreation, tourism or entertainment. These travelers will not be allowed inside the country by the border officials and will be turned away. For U.S travelers, restrictions are in place till December 21 and are likely to be extended.

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Canada is also changing its orders and creating  a framework to accept applications from high-performance amateur sport organizations willing to host an international sports events. Applicants would need to include written commitments of ongoing support from regional governments in order to be considered and will also need to effectively plan on maintaining health of both participants as well as the public. The government will be releasing additional information on the Department of Canadian Heritage’s web site.

Some people are already exempt from travel restrictions, such as:

  • Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) or permanent residents;
  • certain people who have been approved for Canadian permanent residence;
  • certain temporary foreign workers;
  • certain international students;
  • protected persons;
  • immediate family members of Canadians;
  • extended family members of Canadians;
  • people coming to Canada for compassionate reasons; or
  • anyone else who falls under the exemptions listed on the government’s webpage.

The travel restrictions were initiated on march 18th till June 30 but has been extended ever since to effectively stop the spread of COVID-19

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In October, Canada eased travel restrictions on students, and extended family members.

The federal government is also allowing people to come to Canada for compassionate reasons, such as:

  • to be present during the final moments of life for a loved one, or to provide support or care for someone who is critically ill;
  • to provide medical support to a person who needs it; or
  • to attend a funeral, or end of life ceremony.

Few compassionate travelers have to fill out an application before coming to Canada to be released from quarantine before 14 days are over. Travelers to Alberta may also be able to get early release from quarantine.

Other exemptions to the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement are:

  • crew members;
  • people invited by the health minister to help with the COVID-19 response, and other healthcare workers;
  • members of visiting forces who are coming to work;
  • people coming to receive medical services within 36 hours of their arrival;
  • crossing the border in a trans-border community;
  • people crossing into Canada aboard a “vessel” for the purposes of research, as long as they stay on the vessel; and
  • other circumstances listed in the new Order in Council.

Anyhow the Canadian border security services make the decision as to who will be allowed inside the country. All of this only means that Canada is trying to facilitate a huge income of foreign national applicants into the country. Let’s all hope and pray that the pandemic comes to a close sooner than later!

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