Top 10 DB2 interview questions with answers

Here are the top 10 DB2 interview questions with answers:

What is DB2?
Answer: DB2 is an IBM relational database management system that is used to store and manage large amounts of data. It is a powerful database management system that provides high performance, reliability, and scalability.

What is a DB2 tablespace?
Answer: A DB2 tablespace is a storage area that contains tables and indexes. It is used to organize and store data in a DB2 database. A tablespace can be made up of one or more physical storage devices.

What is a DB2 index?
Answer: A DB2 index is a data structure used to improve the performance of queries on a table. It provides a fast and efficient way to retrieve data from a table by creating an index on one or more columns of the table.

What is a DB2 cursor?
Answer: A DB2 cursor is a database object that allows for the selective retrieval and manipulation of data from a result set. It is used to traverse through a set of rows returned by a query and perform operations on them.

What is a DB2 trigger?
Answer: A DB2 trigger is a database object that is automatically executed in response to specific events such as insert, update, or delete operations on a table. It is used to enforce data integrity constraints and automate certain database operations.

What is the difference between a DB2 plan and a package?
Answer: A DB2 plan is an executable form of an SQL statement or group of statements, while a package is a compiled form of the SQL statements that are used by the plan. Plans are used to execute SQL statements, while packages are used to store compiled versions of the SQL statements.

What is a DB2 stored procedure?
Answer: A DB2 stored procedure is a database object that contains a group of SQL statements that perform a specific task. It is compiled and stored in the database for future use. Stored procedures can be called from within other SQL statements or from an application.

What is a DB2 deadlock?
Answer: A DB2 deadlock occurs when two or more transactions are waiting for each other to release a lock on a resource. This results in a situation where no transaction can proceed, and the database is said to be deadlocked.

What is a DB2 load utility?
Answer: A DB2 load utility is a tool used to load large amounts of data into a DB2 database quickly and efficiently. It is used to import data from a file into a table or replace existing data in a table with new data.

How do you optimize performance in DB2?
Answer: Performance in DB2 can be optimized by using techniques such as creating indexes, tuning SQL statements, and configuring buffer pools. Additionally, tuning parameters such as the lock timeout, sort heap size, and prefetch size can also help to improve performance in DB2.

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