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How to protect dry lips, chapped, and even cracked?

Winter weather can cause your lips to become dry, chapped, and even cracked. Here are some ways to protect your lips during the winter:

  1. Use a lip balm that contains SPF. Even though the sun may not be as strong during the winter months, the UV rays can still damage your skin, including your lips.
  2. Apply a lip balm frequently. Moisturizing your lips regularly with a good lip balm will help to keep them hydrated and prevent them from drying out.
  3. Avoid licking your lips. Saliva can actually make your lips more dry, so avoid licking them. Instead, use a lip balm to moisturize your lips.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is important for overall skin health, including your lips.
  5. Cover your mouth in cold, windy weather. Use a scarf or other protective covering to shield your lips and face from the cold wind.
  6. Humidify the air in your home. A humidifier can add moisture to the dry indoor air, which can help to prevent your lips from drying out.

By following these tips, you can help protect your lips during the harsh winter weather.

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