Pencil sketching has long been a popular art form, and it’s no wonder why. Sketching with a pencil is versatile, portable, and requires only a few basic art supplies. With just a few tools you can create an incredibly detailed and beautiful work of art.

There are many styles in which you can sketch with a pencil, all ranging from simplistic lines to complex drawings and sketches. Learning a variety of different sketching techniques can take your pencil drawings to a whole new level, bringing greater depth and refinement to the artwork you create. Here, we share a variety of pencil sketching techniques to try in your next creation. Read on to discover our top sketching tips and techniques.

Selecting Your Sketching Equipment
The shades, textures and shadows you are able to create on the page are not entirely limited by your breadth of techniques. Without proper knowledge of your equipment, you could be limiting yourself significantly. Generally, softer graphite pencils will allow a darker, softer tone, while harder graphite will offer a harder line and a more pointed end. For most effective work, having a few pencil options in your sketching tool kit is essential.

1. Hatching & Cross-Hatching
These methods are very common and effective ways to add depth to your sketches through shading. When it comes to well-known pencil drawing styles that can level up your sketches, hatching & cross-hatching is at the top of the list of skills you should learn. Hatching is essentially a series of lines drawn along the main line of your drawing to create shadow and depth. These lines shouldn’t touch. Cross-hatching is a series of lines used in the same way, but where they intersect. The closer these lines, the darker the shading in your drawing will be.

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