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Cannot Find my Company after Installing / Upgrading. How can I locate My Company?

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This arrangement requires progressed information on your organization. Contact your framework head for help. Changing Windows security inaccurately can seriously influence framework tasks. Sage isn’t answerable for activity issues brought about by erroneously altering your Windows security. Continuously make a reinforcement of your information prior to continuing with cutting edge arrangements.

This arrangement requires progressed information on your PC’s working framework. Contact your framework overseer for help.


  • Organization has never been opened in the new variant.
  • Mistaken information way in design (INI) document on a workstation.
  • Organization put away in unexpected area in comparison to information way.
  • Organization was unintentionally overwritten with an alternate organization.
  • Organization just got to utilizing Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Information lost in the wake of updating from XP to Windows 7
  • Workstation introduced locally without planned drive
  • Transforming from a solitary client to various client permit
  • Wrong authorizations
  • Introducing to another PC with another information way
  • Information is another information way and has not been reestablished
  • Perusing for organizations in Automatic Backup Configuration as go against to the program

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How to Fix this issue

Choice I: Service Release Has not been introduced

Choice II: Company has never been opened in the new variant

  • Select File, Open Company or on the other hand in the event that on the primary screen, click on Open an Existing Company, Browse.
  • Select the organization in the rundown.
  • Select OK to begin the Conversion wizard.
  • Check your organization shows on the rundown in the wake of shutting and resuming Sage 50 — U.S. Release.

Choice III: Locate past variant in the vault

  • Push down the Windows Logo key and the letter R simultaneously.
  • In the container marked Open sort regedit, then select OK.
  • To see the area of organizations in the past form, peruse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\Version\XX\Open History\XXXX.

Choice IV: Incorrect information way in design (INI) record on a workstation

  • Recognize the information way; allude to Article ID 10165: How to track down information way and program way
  • Peruse to the area of the setup (INI) record; allude to Article ID 10352: Where is the INI document found?
  • Open the proper PeachtreeXXX.ini document for your variant of the program.
  • Go to the last line of third passage and track down DATAPATH=.
  • Alter the substance after the = to mirror the right information way.
  • Select File, then select Save.
  • Close the INI document.
  • Resume Sage 50.
  • Select File, then Open Company.
  • Confirm your organization shows in the rundown.

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Choice V: Company put away in unexpected area in comparison to information way

Track down your organization’s information organizer via looking for company.dat in all possible registries where your information might exist. Each duplicate of your organization’s information organizer will ordinarily be marked with a shortening of your organization’s name except if it was changed physically after it was made.

  • How to track down information way and program way
  • Return Sage 50.
  • Select File, then select Open Company.
  • Confirm your organization shows in the rundown.

Choice VI: Company was inadvertently overwritten with an alternate organization

Allude to Article ID 12262: I unintentionally overwrote or erased my organization information. Might I at any point switch the cycle?

Choice VII: Restore a reinforcement of your organization

Reestablish a reinforcement of your organization; allude to Article ID 10097: How to reestablish a reinforcement

Note: If you are don’t know where a Sage 50 reinforcement of your information document might exist, scan your PC or organization catalogs for *.ptb. This will track down any Sage 50 reinforcements that exist in that catalog.

  • Check your organization appears on the rundown.

Choice VIII: Incorrect consents or is locked


  • Confirm that the organization envelope isn’t locked.
  • Check that the organizer has the acquired properties of the parent shared envelope.
  • You ought to now have the option to see and open the organization.

Choice IX: Mapped drive separated

  • Map or remap planned drive on workstation to information area, allude to Article ID 10213: How to plan an organization drive
  • Return to Option III and adhere to those directions.

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