How the Feelings Change our Life? – Predictions by Astrology

Pandit Sai Jagannatha, is a well-known Bangalore based astrologer and infinite wisdom claims that “feelings are indeed invincible; they absolutely can guide you to desired destinations”.

Feelings have been used for centuries in ayurved, Hindutva and maayut philosophy systems to help determine the course of your life.  Let’s Get Astrological Predictions for healing life issues.

About Astrologer: 

Thank you for joining me today! It is an honour to be here. Before we start, our readers would love to “get to know you” a little bit. Can you tell us about your astrological journey? I am a Vedic Astrologer in Bangalore & have been practicing for 25+ years in Bangalore, South India. I will Predict and Make Consultations for Numerology, Palmistry, Horoscope reading, Psychic reading and Vastu-shastra.

Astrology Predictions Measures these Powerful Calculations: 

Solve the 3rd Density Problem for yourself 

Feelings undermine logic Trying to sort through the experiences of others, analyse their success and failures can be tough; but feelings trump logic. This equation can help you to sort through the experience of others to get a better perspective on your own flaws and mistakes.

In the instance of overcoming an experience from the past, can we analyse our,

  • Thoughts,
  • Actions (Attitude),
  • Emotions/rage (pity, anger, supported.),

Thought patterns? Can we understand what our psyche is telling us?   Recent studies show that we find it difficult to misinterpret our emotions, especially after having an experience. Our emotions tell us if we are worried or happy, we take action; if we are sad or depressed we don’t’. We are able to understand and interpret the various situations within ourselves and others through our feelings. 

Make the appropriate decision based on your feelings 

There are situations for which one should only take the correct decision which happens to be in agreement with the feelings. If the thoughts are not in harmony with the feelings, then feelings should be respected.

“The way that we think is really the way we live”.  Here’s the manner in which he describes this principle:

“We can determine, trainer, rehearse, and practice all that we need to know to be excellent at whatever we engage in, because the way we think is the way we live” Obviously, our thinking is distinct from our living. “Our feelings give us clues as to our behaviour.

Horoscope Reading and predictions for Life events 

Everyone aspires to be successful. However, they are not always successful. It occurs as a result of planets that are feeble. If the 9th house is strong, the 10th house is good, and the primary planet is also good in the horoscope, one will be successful.

The following are some of the issues that may be solved with the aid of a well-known Astrologer Bangalore:

  • Unnecessary family trouble,
  • Financial difficulties
  • Business failures and debts
  • Career and educational concerns
  • Property conflicts

Many people experience a setback or hardship unexpectedly. They are unable to progress. They may experience a sudden difficulty if there is a straight cut line on the first finger of their right hand.

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