Short Story

How to take your money to the other side when you die?

The key to taking your wealth with you.

Once upon a time, there was a rich man named James who was afraid of death and leaving his wealth behind. He had heard of a myth that it was possible to take money with you to the other side, but no one knew how to do it.

Determined to find a way, James set out on a journey to discover the secret. He traveled to many countries, met with wise sages, and studied ancient texts, but to no avail.

One day, he met an old man who lived in a small village at the foot of a mountain. The old man claimed to know the secret of how to take money to the other side.

“The key to taking your wealth with you,” said the old man, “is to convert your currency”. He continued saying that when you go to London you convert to pounds. When you travel to Dubai, you convert to Dirham. James interrupted and asked the old man “I don’t quite understand”. Old man replied. You need to convert your wealth so that you can take it with you and it will be useful on the other side. “Punia” is the currency that is used on the other side.

James was puzzled, he again interrupted the old man and asked. “Dear old man, please tell me how to convert my wealth to Punia?”

Old man replied. “It is simple, one accumulate Punia by doing charity, good & right, virtue, purity, good work, meritorious act, moral or religious merit. You can give it away while you are still alive. Give it to those in need and to those who will use it wisely. Your wealth will live on in the good that it does, and you will be remembered for your generosity.

James was skeptical at first, but he decided to give it a try. He started to give away large sums of money to those in need and to organizations that helped the less fortunate. He also made sure to keep track of the good that his wealth was doing in the world.

Years passed and James grew old and eventually passed away. When he arrived at the gates of heaven, he was surprised to find that his wealth had indeed followed him in the form of punia. He was greeted by a group of people who thanked him for the help that his wealth had provided to them, and he was shown all of the good that it had done in the world.

From that day on, James lived a life of peace and contentment, knowing that his wealth would continue to do good long after he was gone. And thus, the secret of how to take money to the other side was revealed to the world.

This story was inspired by a Shaandar Shantibhai speech. Thanks to him

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