Google to cut about 12000 Jobs.

Ousted Google employees expressed shock after the company included top performers and company veterans in a massive round of layoffs last week – with impacted workers learning their fate in an early-morning email.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said he took “full responsibility” for the decision to cut about 12,000 jobs, or more than 6% of the Google parent’s overall workforce.

The mass of laid-off workers included former Google engineering manager Justin Moore, who revealed in a scathing LinkedIn post that he discovered he was out of a job through an “automated account deactivation at 3am.” Moore had worked at Google for more than 16 years.

“This also just drives home that work is not your life, and employers — especially big, faceless ones like Google — see you as 100% disposable. Live life, not work,” Moore said in the post last Friday.

The company joined other tech giants, including Microsoft and Amazon, who have handed out pink slips during a major slump within the tech sector.


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