Python Data Science Training Course, Delhi, Noida, Till 31st Jan 23 Offer, Full Business Analytics Course with 100% Job, Free Python Certification,

What is data science in business? It is a quantitative and qualitative method for increasing productivity as well as business revenue. A data analyst extracts and analyzes various business related information. Almost all the big or small organizations require data analysts for analysis of their business performance in numbers. A graduate degree holder who has interest in numbers and figures, can join Python Data Science Course in Delhi. as the best career option. This course will be completed in 150 hours in five different models. It includes some advanced topics in Data Science such as Excel, VBA macros analytics, SQL, MS Access, Advanced, Tableau, MS Power Business Intelligence(BI), R-Programming and Python.

Training is required for gaining experience in business data science as well as acquiring technical knowledge in data mining, data models, segmentation etc. To fulfill this need of aspirants, SLA Consultants provides Python Data Science Course in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi There is availability of advanced lab facilities, industry experts and senior trainers for successful training programs.

Many business industries require a data certified data analyst. You should have proper knowledge of data science along with all the tools to be used in data analysis. SLA Consultants ensures their precious students for complete success in getting a job by offering Python Data Science Certification in Delhi. This certification aids in recruitment & selection process and getting higher salary packages.

Students after completing their graduation can opt for this course from a certified institute. SLA Consultants has a Python Data Science Training Institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi fortified with senior trainers, leading technical analysts and modern infrastructure. Aspirants can avail training of this course by online class and offline class both.

Conclusion: Every student chooses a course for getting a job and a better career. If you have interest in data science courses, SLA Consultants India is the best option in Delhi for providing you 100% job placement support after completing 70% course.

SLA Consultants Python Data Science Training Course, Delhi, Noida, Till 31st Jan 23 Offer, Full Business Analytics Course with 100% Job, Free Python Certification, Details is available at the link below:



Python Practical Training Course

Introduction to Python

Python Variables and Data Types

Python Basic Python Syntax

Python Other Python Operators

Python Conditional Statements

Python Python Functions

Python Sequences

Python Iterations

Python Advanced Python Tools

Advanced Statistical Methods in Python

Advanced Statistical Methods Linear regression

Advanced Statistical Methods Multiple Linear Regression

Advanced Statistical Methods Logistic Regression

Advanced Statistical Methods Cluster Analysis

Advanced Statistical Methods K-Means Clustering

Advanced Statistical Methods Other Types of Clustering


Deep Learning

Deep Learning Introduction to Neural Networks

Deep Learning How to Build a Neural Network from Scratch with NumPy

Deep Learning Tensor Flow: Introduction

Deep Learning Digging Deeper into NNs: Introducing Deep Neural Networks

Deep Learning Overfitting

Deep Learning Initialization

Deep Learning Digging into Gradient Descent and Learning Rate Schedules

Deep Learning Preprocessing

Deep Learning Classifying on the MNIST Dataset

Deep Learning Business Case Example

Deep Learning Conclusion

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Python Data Science Training in Delhi, is available online and in the classroom as well in Delhi, Noida.

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