Should I Apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency (Express Entry) on My Own or Through a Best Canada Immigration Consultant in Dubai?


Applying for Canadian permanent residency is not such a difficult task so if you have knowledge and basic skills on application of visa process you can do it yourself. If you are a new immigrant to Canada, better you can consult Canada immigration consultant in Dubai through Novus immigration services.

Novus immigration service’s having the team of best immigration consultants for Canada immigration Dubai. So if you are new immigrant to applying for PR visa approach the help of immigration consultants in Dubai for guidance. They know your valuable time and saving by doing your work as their duty.

Do you want guidance for applying Canadian permanent residency, book the consultation with Novus by calling them at + 91 9606500971.


Why choose us for applying Canadian permanent residency?

Novus immigration service’s help us for satisfying the dream of Canada immigration from Dubai. Let us know the reasons behind it.

  • Having Expert team of skilled and experienced members
  • Helpful in every process of PR visa
  • Consulting fees are affordable
  • There are no secret strategies for their immigration services.
  • Immigration service’s open for 24*7
  • Satisfied customers

Want immigration services from best Canada immigration consultants in Qatar, approach Novus immigration services in Dubai.


How to apply for permanent residency in Canada in your own?

If you are experienced in immigration to Canada, you don’t need any consultants. Applying yourself also has some process let us discuss what it is.

  • First step is to pass the eligibility test. This test based on your age, education, English skills, education and experience.
  • You must score 67 points out of 100 then you are eligible.
  • After passing you must pass the express entry program. This program based on factors such as age, education, work experience, adaptability, language skills and English proficiency test.
  • Here you must score the maximum points of 400 out of 600. So only you are eligible to immigrate to Canada successfully.
  • Then fill the application form online
  • Submit it and wait for receiving invitation to apply.
  • Then apply for PR visa and wait for 6-8 months for getting visa

Want to clear doubts about Canada immigration process, call to Canada immigration in Abu Dhabi at + 91 9606500971.


How to apply for permanent residency with the help of Canada immigration consultants in Dubai?

  • You don’t need to do any work and the only work to do is contacting the immigration consultants first.
  • Gather all the documents needed to submit
  • Fill the application form in online mode
  • Pass all the eligibility test
  • Other processes are done by consultants.
  • Finally, you can fly to Canada happily.

Do you need the immigration services for your journey to Canada, just make one call at + 91 9606500971 we will assist you?


So there are two ways of applying Canadian Permanent residency explained in this content. You can choose according to your opinion. Make use of it for immigration to Canada.

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