When Should You Throw Away Memory Foam Pillows?

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In order to know when you should throw away your memory foam pillow, you need to know what they are made of. Memory foam pillows are usually made from polyurethane, which is a type of plastic that releases hydrocarbons when it breaks down. Memory foam pillows have been found to contain cancer-causing agents called phthalates. They also contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. This article will go through the lifespan of a memory foam pillow and how it affects your health.

How long does a memory foam pillow last?

Memory foam pillows are not made to last forever. They are built to be used and discarded after a few years. Memory foam pillows may last anywhere from five to twenty years, but it all depends on how you maintain and clean your pillow. Memory foam pillows are just not meant for everyday use. They should not be washed in the washing machine, should not be microwaved or put in the dryer, and should only be placed on a firm surface. Memory foam pillows last as long as you keep it clean and in good working condition.

I can guarantee that if your pillow is made well, you will be getting at least five years of use from it. I always recommend washing your pillow at least once every three months and that you only use your pillow for sleeping and not to sit on or lay on. Recommend that you purchase a cover for your pillow to prolong its life and to make it look nice. Memory foam pillows are great, but they need to be treated right.

How long are Memory Foam Pillows Good for?

Memory foam pillows are typically good for a few years, but this depends on the quality of the pillow. In general, a memory foam pillow is designed to support your neck and head as you sleep. If you notice that your pillow develops a sinking effect or if it loses its ability to be molded, then it’s time to replace it. If you are not very careful when buying memory foam pillows, you can get a cheap pillow that doesn’t last very long.

Unlike other types of pillows, memory foam is a lot like a bean bag chair that you can use both at home and away. It is made of special foam that molds to your body as you sleep. The best memory foam pillow is designed to support your neck and head as you sleep. Choosing the Right Pillow for You Can Be Difficult. If you notice that your pillow develops a sinking feeling, or if you are sleeping with a pillow that feels as though it is slipping off of you while you sleep, this could be an indication that the pillow is too small. The pillow should be firm enough to support your neck and head, yet soft enough to give you the right amount of comfort.

When buying a pillow

The size of the pillow that you buy will play an important role in your comfort. The rule about large is that it depends on you. If you have a small frame, opt for the more compact pillow that can compress to fit your body. If you have a large frame, opt for the firmer pillow that can enhance your sleep. Let your body be the judge of what type of pillow you should buy. If you need a pillow that allows for quick repositioning, then you should buy a foam pillow.

If you are the type that does not like to be on the verge of falling off the pillow, then you should buy a feather or down pillow. You are not sure about your preference, then you should buy both types of pillows and see which one you like by testing them out. You can also ask a friend to test the pillow on which you sleep better. Pillows should not only be comfortable, but also guarantee a good night of sleep. If they are uncomfortable to you, then you will not be able to sleep well.

What to Do When the Memory Foam Pillow Stops Sticking Together

If you’ve had your pillow for a while and it’s starting to lose its shape, it might be time to throw it out. You can prolong the life of your pillow by storing it away in the winter when the air is dryer. However, if you’re not careful about how you take care of it, it’s likely you’ll need to replace your pillow every 2-3 years. Memory Foam Pillow Review – Does It Really Work? Memory foam is a great option for Americans with back and neck pain, but it’s not the only pillow available. You can also opt for a gel or hybrid pillow, or get a different type of pillow altogether.

Here are two memory foam pillow reviews, side by side, to help you decide which one is right for you. Sleepsia Pillow Memory Foam Gel Pillow Review (Top Choice) it’s hard to find a better memory foam pillow than Sleepsia. The pillow is made from thick, high-density foam, which is designed to naturally contour to any type of sleeper. The gel in the foam helps it maintain its shape and stay cool, and it’s incredibly comfortable. If you’re in the market for a memory foam pillow, you can’t do better than Sleepsia.

The Stages of Memory Foam Pillow Disintegration

There are three stages of disintegration that a pillow will experience before it should be discarded. The first stage is called the “comfortable” stage, and this is when you notice your pillow becoming a little squishier. This is a normal sign of aging and one that many people will overlook. The second stage is called the “painful” stage, and this is when your pillow becomes very flattened at the head end. You must decide if you want to keep using it or not, but if your answer is yes then you should invest in a new pillow for side sleepers.

The third stage of disintegration is when your pillow is so flat that it cannot be used anymore and must be discarded. Pillows should last at least three years, so if yours is ready to be replaced then you should invest in a new one. If you have severe back issues, you may want to opt for a memory foam pillow. These pillows are designed to be able to support a person’s head and neck, which helps them maintain natural positioning.

Pillows are a great investment and something that should be used consistently. However, there are many options for pillow types that cater to different sleep stages and sleeping positions. If you have the money, go with a pillow that can be used for all stages. If you are strapped for cash, consider investing in two types of pillows. One that is placed under the head and neck to support the weight of your body, and another pillow for your lower back.

What Happens When You Throw Away a Memory Foam Pillow?

Memory foam pillows usually last an average of 5 years before they start breaking down and require replacing. When a pillow breaks down, it becomes less dense and loses its ability to contour to the shape of your head and neck. This results in poor sleep quality, as well as stiffness and pain when waking up in the morning. The average cost of a new pillow is Rs 1350, but the more you beat it down. The less effective it becomes and the more likely you are to replace it. In comparison, if you buy a pillow that is built to last, it will retain its shape and contour much better. It’s not uncommon to find pillows that are more than 20 years old and still in great condition.

Why Is A Foam Pillow More Comfortable?

Foam pillows are more comfortable than memory foam pillows because they can contour easily to your head and neck. Because they made of foam, they can also be easily washed and sanitized. So there’s little chance of your mattress being infested with bacteria or allergens. Whether you are a side or back sleeper. An egg-shaped pillow will provide enough support for your head without interfering with your neck. Foam pillows are also safer than memory foam pillows. Memory foam known to cause allergic reactions, with around one in six people being affected. The only way to be certain that you are not allergic to foam is to experience it for yourself.


Memory foam pillows are expensive, so it can be tempting to hang onto them until they disintegrate. This is not the best idea because increased wear and tear will result in decreased performance. You should replace your memory foam pillow if you notice these symptoms:

– The pillow just doesn’t seem as supportive as it once did

– It is lumpy or uneven

– The pillow starts to smell

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