Why Can’t I Run Sage 50 Payroll Reports?

There are three sorts of Sage 50 finance reports that influence the date range you can pull subsequent to running the year-end:

The Payroll Journal and Payroll Check Register

The Payroll Journal and Payroll Check Register can be sifted for any date range.

Non-determined reports

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The accompanying reports can pull data in the two open finance years as it were. To pull old finance information, reestablish a reinforcement to another envelope. You can then run any of the accompanying reports on the rehabilitated old information without any issues:

  • Current Earnings Report
  • Quarterly Earnings Report
  • Yearly Earnings Report
  • Finance Register
  • Determined Reports

The accompanying reports work out charge data as the report is run, so they must be run in the two open monetary years AND you should likewise have a duty administration membership for the year you are running the report.

  • Exemption Report
  • Finance Tax Report
  • Charge Liability Report
  • Excursion and Sick Time Report

Cause of Can’t I Run Sage 50 Payroll Reports

  • Yearly or month to month membership plan has terminated
  • Membership information should be refreshed
  • Incapable to refresh membership information

The date range for the report reaches out into an unactivated membership time period. For instance, running a Vacation and Sick Time report for the whole year of 2020, when the membership time frame closes on 07/31/20.

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How to Fix Can’t I Run Sage 50 Payroll Reports

Area I: Modify date scope of report

  • Ensure your program is enacted. Go to Help, Sage 50 Activation, Licensing, and Subscription Options.
  • If right now initiated, simply click OK to ensure your memberships are refreshed.
  • Whenever incited to actuate, follow the prompts to initiate on the web whenever associated with the Internet, or enact physically in the event that the PC doesn’t have an Internet association.
  • Decide your membership plan end date by going to Help, About Sage 50 Accounting.
  • Note: Also check that your client ID number shows accurately. In the event that it shows some unacceptable client ID, if it’s not too much trouble, contact Customer Service through the Live Chat choice since you might require another chronic number.

On the finance report, select a date range that doesn’t reach out past your ongoing membership plan end. There is an elegance time of 20 days past the membership end date, so finance reports can be approached that date.

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