Job Alert: Emirates at the top of world hiring boom


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) marks a staggering rise in the global job employment rating.

Recent reports reveal how the Emirates has made a strong presence in the world as its job employment signals an encouraging hiring rate, accruing a 36% hike for healthcare, retail, and information technology, among other sectors.

The launching of the World Expo 2020, heralded the surge in hiring for both top-management and frontline-service positions to cater to the multi-industry demands of the expo. Notably, there is an estimate of more than 600 newly registered companies in the UAE. Topping the list of industries positively affected by the expo is the food and beverage (f&b) with a 120% increase in hiring.

Skilled candidates with multiple expertise and experience had taken advantage of the flexible working conditions and switched careers in key industries such as software services, corporate services, and consumer goods, to name a few.

At the center of this career, changes are talents characterized by “self-initiated” and “technology-mediated” jobs such as professional and personal trainers, content managers, and business developers.

Further, the shift into a skills-based approach to recruitment paved the way for the diversity of opportunities for candidates, especially in the fields of administration, healthcare, and education.

Since skills have become a detrimental factor in recruitment and retention processes, skills development has been envisioned as an area eyed worthy of investment. Candidates and companies are investing in capacity development training for continued relevance and responsiveness of services, especially for services aligned with information and technology.

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