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Staging a Christmas Dining Table Tips and Strategies

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Staging A Christmas Dining Table

The holidays are approaching fast, and it is essential to prepare the details in advance. Creating a memorable dining table is a great way to impress your guests and add to the meal. Staging an elegant Christmas dining table can be simple with these strategies:

Create a Color Scheme

Add a new color scheme to keep your Christmas dining table from looking average. Your staging doesn’t have to require the usual red and green; try something fresh like blue, silver, or even some wooden touches to create a forest-like atmosphere. Pine and rustic decor will give your setting an outdoor Christmas tone. You can even use neutrals and add just one focus color for a more modern table.

Stage with Fabric

Texture is an essential addition to your Christmas setting. Table runners, tablecloths, and placemats add to the ambiance with pops of color. These fabrics give your table a more elegant look and complete the setting. You can use either a white cloth or a colorful one to create a striking backdrop.

Pick the Right Napkins

Napkins are an essential part of any dining table. Opt for a cloth napkin this holiday to bring formality to your meal. Cloth napkins add texture and color and can be positioned in creative ways. Invest in some napkin rings to make the setting look neat and clean. You can place the napkin either beside or on top of the china. Paying attention to small details will enhance your holiday table.


This year, don’t select a single dish for each guest. Instead, add depth to your setting by using layers. Start with a large charger on the bottom. When selecting a charger, take note of your other dishes. If you match your charger with plates, choosing a wooden or colorful one will accentuate the layers and add color.

Next, place a smaller plate on top of the charger. Ensure you select a color or neutral that goes with the charger and other decorations. You mustn’t use too many textures, colors, and patterns that may overwhelm the look.

Thirdly, you can add a small plate or bowl to the top; these layers escalate your table, making it look more formal and memorable.


Similar to the plate settings, your glasses can also be positioned to add depth. Opt for tall-stem wine glasses to add height and formality; you can pair these with shorter water glasses. You can even add a champagne flute to heighten the elegance of your staging. If your table looks plain, you can add decorations such as a piece of pine or a napkin into the wine glass.


Lastly, one of the essential additions to any table is the centerpieces. Having a solid centerpiece can pull the entire table together. You can use a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes depending on the theme of your setting. Layered candles can add to the ambiance of the table and create a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

Staging the dining table changes the atmosphere of the Christmas dinner. It is essential to pick a theme and remain consistent with colors and layers throughout your setting. Ensure you don’t overdo it by keeping neutral tones. Textures and layers can complete a stage, and the centerpiece ties everything together. Treehouse Interiors provides a variety of table-setting essentials. Visit today, and one of our design consultants will assist you in staging the most memorable Christmas dining table.

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